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15 Dec
This Guild was created on 19th October 2011
Guild Rules:
1. No racial / religion / gender / nationality discrimination.
Do not involve in any discussion that may discriminate any race, gender, religion or nationality. Offenders will be removed from the guild immediately without prior notice.
2. Be active!
Characters which have been inactive / offline for more than 7 days without informing guild master, assistant guild master, or recruiters of the guild may be temporarily removed from the guild without prior notice.If you wish to join the guild again, please PM the Guild Master(GM), Veteran(V) or Senior Guild Member (SM) .
3. Speak English within the guild!
All members are only allowed to speak English within the guild. Use of any other language will have to be approved by the GM first.
Server selection:
How to Join:
Apply by by replying to this post with the following details
Country you are from:
How active are you:
Brief introduction about yourself:
Available time for recruitment:
We will contact you in game as soon as possible.
You could also PM any of the senior members/recruiters in the list below to get an invite.

Guild Master:

Assistant Guild Master:



Member Promotion System:

New member:
*Join the guild.
*Will be removed from guild if he/she is inactive for 4 days without informing GM or Assistant GM.

Formal member:
*Join the guild for more than 2 weeks.
*Reach level 24 or above.
*Willing to contribute guild fee for guild upgrade.
*Will be removed from guild if he/she is inactive for 7 days without informing GM or Assistant GM.

Senior Member (Recruiter):
*Join the guild for more than 1 month.
*Reach level 40 and above.
*Willing to contribute to guild fee for guild upgrade.
*Helpful and polite.
*Always active!

Chat Censor Disabler
Download this and put in your dragon nest folder to remove all the “*****” in your chat.
Remember to remove the patch before you update your client.
Alt Link:

Have fun in DN!